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Copeland 609B

Megan Mecum

(740) 593-2452

Business Services
Procurement (Bobcat Buy), Travel, Supplies

CBA 348

Jessica Creamer

(704) 593-2052

Financial Officer, Director of Business Services

Copeland 401

Michael Snider

(419) 239-4586

CoB Services Website Developer, Form Approvals


Copeland 514C

Sheree Lucas

(740) 566-7025

Advising Holds & Wait List,
Drop / Adds, Meeting Materials, Scheduling, Syllabi & Textbooks

Copeland 609A

Julie Howard

(740) 566-7020

Student Hiring, Search Committee & Hiring Assistant, Onboarding & Separation Operations


CBA 348

Janice Tinkham

(704) 593-4320

Procurement (Bobcat Buy),
Concur Purchasing, Supplies,
Travel Processing, Reimbursements

Copeland 609A

Staphanie Howell

(740) 566-7022

Procurement (Bobcat Buy),
Supplies, Purchasing, Non-Employee Reimbursements

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