General Support

Academic Support:

For more information, contact Sheree Lucas.


Confidential Disposal

Confidential document disposal is available by using the large shredder in the break room (Copeland 606), or by using the locked disposal bins located on the ground floor in Copeland.



For swipe access, contact Julia Howard.

Keys are distributed by Business Services (Copeland 602).

Copeland office keys also open the court street doors, all conference room doors, and the 6th floor break room (Copeland 606).

OU ID cards open the president street doors (south side) of Copeland and CBA.



Contact Business Services (Copeland 602) during office hours. Contact OUPD after regular office hours (740-593-1911).


Mail & Delivery


  1. All Packages are delivered to business services (Copeland 602) via USPS, UPS, FEDEX, and Printing Services.
  2. Business Services will deliver or send an email notification upon receipt of your delivery.

Mail Services

  1. Mail-room (Copeland 604)
  2. All Mail is sorted and placed in mailboxes daily.
  3. Place outgoing mail in the large green bag in the mail-room.
  4. See Business Services (Copeland 602) for questions about postage.

Library Resources

  1. Library Items can be received and signed for by business services (Copeland 602).
  2. Library returns an be dropped in the outgoing mail bag located in the mail-room.



Please use command strips or picture rail hooks when hanging items in your office.

Please do not use nails or screws, and do not put tape on wood or veneer surfaces.

Contact Business Services (Copeland 602) if you need furniture moved.



For phone related questions or concerns, please contact Business Services (Copeland 602) or email



For more information, email printing services at or call (740-593-1930).

Hours of Operation: M-F, 8AM – 5PM

Printing Jobs

  1. Network Printers for small jobs are located in: Copeland 301 (COPRM301), Copeland 604 (COP_XEROX), CBA 343 (COBRM 343), CBA 354 (COBRM 354)
  2. Send large volume printing jobs to printing services (requires 48 hour notice). Orders will be delivered to Business Services (Copeland 602).

Copy Paper

  1. Business Services loads copy paper daily to: Copeland 301 & 604, CBA 016 & 343.
  2. See Business Services (Copeland 602) if additional paper is needed.



Recycling on campus is mixed stream, meaning any recyclable materials can be put in any recycling bin.

A special bin for batteries, CD’s, Cell Phones, and toner cartridges is located on Copeland’s ground floor outside the computer lab.


Room Scheduling

Outlook calendars are used to book most conference rooms in Copeland and CBA. Exceptions are as follows:

Copeland 202, 204, 211 (Contact Schey Sales Center)

Copeland 220 (Contact Student Services)

Copeland 514 (Contact Chair’s Suite)

Copeland 605, 611 (Contact Deans Suite)

Copeland Labs (Contact Adam Yulish)



Office Supplies

  1. General office supplies are located in Business Services (Copeland 602)
  2. Notify Business Services of any items needed that are not currently in stock.
  3. Letterhead
  4. Departmental letterhead & envelopes are available in the Chair’s Suite (Copeland 514).
  5. College of Business letterhead & envelopes are available in the Dean’s Suite (Copeland 614).



Student organizations or programs wishing to table in the Copeland lobby should request permission by emailing: