Group Travel (9+ Rooms)

General Information

Please complete Group Travel Form if you are working with a COB trip coordinator.

If you are planning this trip without a COB trip coordinator, please follow the instructions below using either an Altour representative to plan your trip or by using the Altour websitelink.



Altour Representative

Kimberly Blaine
Phone: 952-226-9106 ext:153


Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Gather all information from group contact or faculty
    1. Dates of Trip
    2. Trip Location
    3. Possible Hotels
    4. Best times for flights
    5. Budget for Trip
    6. Name as it appears on ID, Date of Birth, email address, cell phone
  2. Contact the appropriate Altour agent.
  3. Use Altour to book flights using the CTA card. When using the CTA card please indicate the OU employee responsible for the group. This will allow the charges to be processed through the employees Concur. When substantiating the P-Card expenses please provide the account number for the report.
  4. For Hotels, you will use Concur/Altour. Book hotel using P-Card to hold the room. Contact Hotel and request a CC Authorization Form to pay in advance for the room(s), this will eliminate concerns related to payment once the group arrives.  The Business Services area will be happy to assist in completing the CC Authorization Form if needed. Contract Services will need to complete the application as it requires an authorized signature.  A check is the preferred payment method, so be sure to submit the invoice to indicating the date the hotel needs the payment by.
  5. The trip coordinator will work with Altour to have the hotel complete an OU Sub W9 and an invoice with complete costing details of the stay.  This information should be submitted to Business Services for processing. A PO must be approved before the service occurs.